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Providing comprehensive financial planning and Family Office for affluent individuals, retirees, business owners & professionals.

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What We Offer 

As a Fee-Only financial planner, my compensation comes only from my clients. I do not accept commissions or any other form of
compensation from the sale of financial products.
This allows me to provide you with high level, professional advice for wealth management and family office with minimal conflicts of interest.  I have over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, advising some of the world’s largest institutional investors such as Fidelity, T. Rowe Price and others.  You can now benefit from my experience.  I am dedicated to providing independent, objective financial advice to affluent families in guiding them through managing their wealth and family office services. Working together with you, we can prepare a comprehensive financial plan which will guide you with:cfp_logo

  • Investment planning and asset allocation
  • Pension and Retirement Planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Life Goals

Financial Planning:  For a better and more fulfilling life

What exactly is personal financial planning or what does Wealth Management means?  You may have heard some defintions. You may have been told that it can improve your investment returns, assure that you are adequately protected for life’s twists and turns and that it will help you achieve financial objectives such as a comfortable retirement.  All true, but these are just tools towards the greater goal:  To allow you to have more time, freedom and resources to enjoy a better and more fulfilling life.

affluent financial advisorThe sooner you start planning, the greater your chance of reaching your goals.  Call or email today to set up a free, no-obligation get-acquainted meeting. I can meet you at your home, work or any place of your choosing.
Now is better than never.

Proud to offer Wealth Management and Family Office advisory in Israel and the US.

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Our Process – Portfolio Management

Understanding Your Goals and Optimizing the Plan

Working with you one-on-one to help build a financial plan aligned to your goals, values, and risk tolerance.

Designing The Road Map to Better Private asset management

Gathering information, analyzing, and discussing our ideas and options. Then, laying out the strategy for the optimal wealth management plan and private asset management.

Implementing and Reviewing Results

Guiding you through the process of implementing our recommendations to a successfull plan via our family office capabilities or the overall wealth management strategy and portfolio management.

Expert Analysis and Planning That Makes A Difference

Our mission is to understand your goals, financial situation, and personal preferences and downloadto design your optimal wealth plan .
With an extensive background providing family office and wealth management advice to affluent families and individuals, we understand how valuable a personalized financial plan is to build and grow your wealth.
Our service is geared towards families and individuals who want an unbiased plan.

Designed to Save You Time And to Grow Your Wealth

Our independent advice is solely for your benefit. We do not receive commissions from sales of products or revenues. Any advice you receive from us will therefore be impartial and focused on your interests alone.The benefit of our client is our only goal.

A Personal Advisor and A Team

Supported with our team of experts at The Service, we not help you make sense of your finances, but we take the measures necessary to support you to make the best of your financial resources.

We are likely the only professional that looks at your entire financial picture while also looking at your life goals. We work with your portfolio managers, insurance agents, CPA etc. to ideally allocate your assets to meet your financial goals.

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